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#mesnadal18 is our marry chrystmas!

This Christmas 2018.. a playful christmas spirit from the social network has awaken within us. We want to awake the feelings of friendship, love, excitement, HOPE.. the eagerness to be a bit +like a kid.. and believe in what’s magic.
  • Give a visual postcard #mesnadal18 for Christmas!
  • We put the postcard #mesnadal18 picture by @androna.sketch
  • You put the face and the imagination #mesnadal18
Send by your social networks the dedicated postcards to the people you love the most, that you like, those you have fun with, people you’ve thought about for a long time, those you’ve thought about recently.. And surely the anonymous ones will be received and will bring joy and appreciation to live this magical moment of being wished a merry christmas.

Send it to instagram naming #mesnadal18 and @mescub

Who knows, you may win a dinner to enjoy with your special one. Or lunch for the whole family that you sent your wishes, or… a good “tapeo” with those friends you haven’t seen in a long time.. all of it while enjoying a Berta Se’n Fira 2018, our own artisanal beer.


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